What is MIS?

Minimally Invasive Surgery, or MIS, is becoming the new standard in managing many conditions requiring surgery.  There is no exception in the field of gynecology.  The benefits of minimally invasive surgery are outstanding.  Please ask your doctor if you are a candidate for MIS.

Laparotomy versus MIS



Laparotomy is traditional open abdominal surgery.  A 14-16cm long incision is performed either horizontally or vertically on your abdomen.

Typically, patients stay in the hospital for 3-4 nights with a much longer recovery of approximately 6-8 weeks.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Laparoscopy or robotics-assisted laparoscopy is the newer and more advanced method of performing the same surgery.  A 10-12mm incision (the diameter of a penny) is made through the belly button and a camera is inserted.  Carbon dioxide gas is pumped into the abdomen to allow separation of organs from each other which leads to improved visualization and a safe surgery.  Several 5mm incisions (the diameter of a pencil) are made over the abdomen through which small instruments are placed to perform the surgery.

Due to smaller incisions and less tissue trauma, the recovery is faster with less scar formation, less infection, and less pain.  Typically, surgery is outpatient and does not require overnight hospital stay and recovery is approximately 2-4 weeks.