MIS Surgeries

Following surgeries are available to be performed via MIS approach for our patients:

  • Hysterectomy: removal of uterus

  • Myomectomy: removal uterine fibroids

  • Ovarian cystectomy: removal of ovarian cyst or tumor

  • Oophorectomy: removal of one or both ovaries

  • Tubal or paratubal cystectomy: removal of Fallopian tube cyst or tumor

  • Salpingectomy: removal of one or both Fallopian tubes

  • Permanent sterilization

  • Resection of endometriosis

  • Evaluation of pelvic pain

  • Evaluation of infertility

  • Treatment of ectopic pregnancy

  • Treatment of uterine anomalies


Make an appointment and discuss with your doctor whether you are a candidate for Minimally Invasive Surgery.