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Luksenburg System

The Luksenburg system is a great treatment for those suffering from urinary incontinence. It effectively strengthens various parts of the female anatomy, including specific spaces in the urethra and vaginal wall. By combining PRP injections with PCL thread placement, this system creates a mesh-like structure that enhances urethral resistance, preventing urinary leakage during activities.

Luksenburg System

Who is a good candidate? Who is NOT a candidate?

How is the treatment done?
The Luksenburg system helps reinforce certain areas in the vaginal region, making use of PRP injections and PCL threads to create a mesh-like structure. This is done to enhance urethral resistance, ensuring that bladder pressure doesn't surpass urethral pressure during activities. Most patients are given local anesthesia during the process.

How long does it take to see results?

Why do the procedure/benefits?
The Luksenburg system offers a safe and cost-effective option for urinary incontinence across all severity levels, without the need for invasive surgery.

How long is recovery? What does it look like? (Bruising, swelling, etc.)

How often do you have to follow up/maintenance?

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